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4 types of domestic turtles to have at home?



Domestic turtles are differentiated into water turtles and land turtles. As their names indicate, the former need a pond or an aquarium to survive and the latter, a terrarium as large as possible where they can carry out their daily activities. Within each category there are different types, so it is important to be well informed about their care before adopting or buying a specific one.

As a general rule, these animals do not demand too much attention, although it must be taken into account that they have some special needs compared to other pets. Turtles are a very interesting species, especially because of their anatomy made up of a hard shell that serves as protection in case they feel any threat, since their slow movements prevent them from running to escape. On the other hand, they are also quite similar to other reptiles in that they are cold-blooded animals that need to be in warm environments.

  • Florida Box Turtle – The Carolina terrapene has a shell that allows it to hide completely. The particular design of its casing gives it superior protection in case of encountering a predator. It is a small turtle that, at most, can reach 15 centimeters. During its 80-year life expectancy, it needs an outdoor space, although it can also be in an aquarium. It is very important that the ambient temperature where this turtle is found is above 15 degrees throughout the day and has a certain level of humidity to prevent the eyes and respiratory tract from drying out. Regarding its diet, it is very important to provide it with fresh and clean water daily, as well as insects, vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • Red-eared slider turtle : it is a type of water turtle that is also called the Florida slider. Its name is due to the two red stripes on the sides of its head. They can reach 30 centimeters in length, although if it is a female it is likely that it will exceed this size. Normally, these turtles live up to 40 years and the aquatic environment is essential for their survival, along with a humid and sunny habitat. During the winter, it is most common to find it hibernating at the bottom of the pond or aquarium. Special care should be taken with the spread of salmonella to children.
  • Woodland Tortoise – It is easy to tell this type of tortoise apart by its dark gray shell and orange body with black flecks. Another peculiarity of this species is that during the coldest months it chooses the water to hibernate , but when the good weather arrives they seek to move on land. Contrary to what happens in other cases, male forest turtles are usually larger than females, reaching around 23 centimeters and approximately one kilo in weight.
  • Russian tortoise : within domestic tortoises, this is one of the most common that is usually kept in homes. Its carcass is light in color with dark spots in the form of squares. In freedom, this tortoise usually lives 40 years , although as a pet it can become a century-old animal. They are characterized by having an infallible sight that even allows them to recognize people, as well as a highly developed sense of smell and a high sensitivity to ground vibrations. It is important for the Russian Tortoise to live in a spacious outdoor aquarium to enjoy the warmth of the sun, but it also resists temperatures below 15 degrees and reduced humidity levels quite well. It is very important that the ambient temperature where this turtle is found is above 15 degrees throughout the day and has a certain level of humidity to prevent the turtle.
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