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Groom Your Kitty



Grooming your kitten may be a great way to stay your cat healthy and strengthen your bond. On our web site you’ll learn additional regarding grooming kittens.

Grooming Your Kitten

Grooming your kitty is not only regarding grooming your feline: it removes dead hair, keeps her fur and skin healthy, helps you build a better relationship, and offers you an opportunity to visualize her overall health. Grooming is vital once caring for kittens, however because of their short, soft fur, it takes hardly any time compared to adults. If you get your kitten wont to regular grooming from associate degree early age, it’ll create life a lot of easier for each of you within the future. the nice news is that almost all cats take your light care under consideration, they like to be tidy and, as before long as they see a comb or brush in your hand, they continuously return running for the cuddles.

Brush Your Kitty

Short fur versus long fur
The conscientiousness and frequency with that you sweep your kitten can typically vary betting on the kind of coat. For a hairy cat, just one prime ‘glance’ per week is sometimes necessary, whereas a hairy breed would force daily grooming with acceptable instrumentality – raise your stock raiser or feline groomer for recommendation on specific fur sorts. Long-haired breeds want additional care and their brushing can take longer, therefore you will wish to brush your cat on a non-slip surface or table; this can keep each of you as comfy as attainable throughout the method. When they ar still kittens, encourage them to fancy the brushing expertise. Take them to the table wherever you wish to brush them as adults, praise them and provides them a treat or 2. they’re going to before long associate this place with being tidy and rewarded.

How To Brush Your Kitten

Put the kitten on your lap and provide the comb for her to smell. As before long as they grasp it’s safe, several cats can rub their faces there on.
Start brushing it fastidiously. He starts at her back so goes down the edges of her body.
Don’t skimp on laudatory your cat for being smart, and speak to her in an exceedingly soft, consolatory tone of voice.
Every jiffy, he swaps brushing for hugging as a part of his pampering routine. you’ll provide him a treat as an additional reward.
Repeat this many times daily, step by step increasing the length of your time you BRUSH.
When your cat is acquainted and comfy with grooming, you’ll begin brushing her belly, tail, ears, and different sensitive areas.
Be terribly light and keep the primary feline grooming sessions terribly short. there’s no rush, the foremost necessary factor is that they feel relaxed. If you observe any signs of dissatisfaction or agitation, move aloof from the foremost sensitive areas and brush his back once more.
While your cat is restful and enjoying the expertise, take the chance to try and do a fast medical exam. Some belongings you will do as a part of your “at home” review are:
He touches his paws and gently examines his nails and fingers. begin with only 1 nail initially to urge him wont to the expertise, provide him many praise, and even provide him a treat as a souvenir. In succeeding brushing sessions, you’ll attempt 2 nails so on, step by step developing your pet grooming skills till he is completely relaxed.
If your pet continues to be purring blithely at the tip of his brushing session, take the chance to fastidiously look within his ears and gently open his mouth to visualize his gums and teeth.
Always end a brushing session with voluminous cuddles and caresses. After all, he deserves it!

Trim Your Kitty’s Nails

When your cat climbs a tree or uses his scratching post, he could lose the outer layer of 1 of his nails, however don’t be concerned, it’s traditional! Scratching may be a normal a part of a cat’s life; Their nails ar multi-layered, therefore if the outer layer peels off, there’ll be a replacement, sharp nail beneath (sometimes you will find the outer shells close to their favorite scratching spots). If you’ve got a vigorous, healthy cat WHO likes to be outdoors, it’s unlikely that you will have to be compelled to clip her nails. In distinction, house cats or older cats might have grooming from time to time and you will have to be compelled to trim your cat or kitten’s nails as a vital a part of their regular grooming.

How to cut your kitten’s nails

Get your kitten wont to having their nails cut from associate degree early age. an honest thanks to begin is to fake to clip a nail, applying light-weight pressure to your cat’s fingers to reveal the nail, so praise or provide a treat.
If you’re about to trim your cat or kitten’s nails, it’s vital that you just shrewdness to try and do it properly. The last item you wish is to harm it or create it bleed by cutting into the flesh or a sensitive a part of the nail. Your vet are happy to demonstrate and check your technique, or if you like to not bonk yourself, he will bonk for you.
Check your cat’s nails once per week, as well as the nail on the “big toe” or spur—it’s the one on the within of her paw, slightly below the gliding joint. It seldom comes into contact with the bottom, therefore it’s an inclination to overgrow—particularly in older cats.
While you are checking your cat’s nails, take a glance at the paw pads and between the toes too, to create positive everything is in good condition and high-pitched clean.
Cats, a bit like humans, get ingrowing toenails. If you believe a nail is growing into its pad, contact your vet because it can doubtless need medical attention.

Extra weekly cat and kitten care checkups.

As well as brushing his fur and taking care of his nails, there square measure a number of additional checks you’ll do to create certain your kitty is in tip-top condition.

Check that your cat’s ears square measure clean and smell sensible. If they’re dirty, smelly, red, irritated, or if your cat will not stop shaking her head, contact your vet. Ear mites square measure a typical drawback, particularly in young cats.

Run your hands everywhere your cat’s body. search for any scratches, bumps, bumps, or pimples that appear to trouble him. If you’re troubled regarding something, contact your vet.

Check his eyes, his nose, and speak to your vet if you notice any discharge or redness.

Take a glance below your cat’s tail. Your rear should be clean. If it’s dirty or there square measure signs of worms or inflammation, see your vet.

Lastly, run your hand against the direction of the fur, to ruffle his hair up. Check hair roots and skin for parasites or epizoan BM (black specks). you’ll stop Associate in Nursing infestation with regular epizoan checks, however if it’s too late, your vet can advise you on what treatment to follow.

Bathing your cat or kitten

Most cats bear their lives while not having a shower, however typically a fast dip is inescapable. they will want a special shampoo to treat skin conditions, to detangle hair once Associate in Nursing dyspepsia, or as a clean-up once obtaining one thing on their skin whereas exploring outdoors.

Contrary to in style belief, some cats love baths, particularly if they need enjoyed hot baths from time to time as youngsters. If your kitty complicates things for you once it involves bathing him, a feline groomer can jubilantly have intercourse for you. However, if you wish to try to to it yourself, he follows the following pointers for a carefree toilet.

Be careful with the temperature of the water. If it’s too hot, you will burn your cat, and if it’s too cold, it’ll create her uncomfortable or perhaps create her sick.

Treat your cat with care throughout the bathtub so it feels snug, reassure it and baby it tons. Treats will are available handy and it’ll be abundant easier if there’s a person United Nations agency will assist you, particularly if he tries to escape!

Pay attention to the signs your cat provides off once he is stressed. Cats will notice bathing shivery, thus use caution to not get bitten or damaged. If you are involved, refer to a specialist feline groomer.

Make sure that the shampoo you employ is specifically indicated for cats and check if it’s to be stopped for a particular amount of your time (this may be the case with a healthful shampoo). lookout to avoid obtaining the shampoo on sensitive areas, like the eyes or ears.

If your cat is not happy whereas you bathe her, attempt laundry solely the elements that actually want it to chop down on time within the tub.

Thoroughly rinse your cat to get rid of all traces of soap.

Then, dry it with a hot towel and keep it heat till it dries. Avoid the blow drier unless your cat has become conversant in it from a young age, because it will scare her.

If you’ve got over one cat, bathtub time will finish in an exceedingly fight, particularly if they’re stressed. Separate your bathed cats till they cool down, then dry all of them with constant towel to distribute their scents.

Bathing a cat may be troublesome, thus if you discover it laborious, attempt finding a feline groomer United Nations agency are going to be over happy to stay your cat in tip-top condition.


Unveiling the World of Fatcats





Cats have long been admired for their grace, agility, and independent nature. However, there’s a unique category within the feline world that often captures attention and raises curiosity the fatcats. These cuddly, plump companions may evoke amusement and endearment, but there’s much more to them than meets the eye. Let’s explore the intriguing world of fatcats, understanding their nuances and shedding light on their care, health, and the joys they bring into our lives.

The Charm of Chubby Cats

Contrary to the stereotypical image, these cats aren’t merely pudgy they usually fall into the category of overweight or obese due to excessive weight gain. The reasons behind their plump physique can vary, including overeating, lack of exercise, or certain medical conditions. Despite their weight, these cats often exude an undeniable charm waddling around with a certain elegance, displaying an extra layer of fluffiness that adds to their appeal.

Understanding the Health Implications

While a chubby cat may seem adorable, excessive weight can lead to various health issues. Obesity in cats can predispose them to diabetes, joint problems, heart disease, and a shortened lifespan. Responsible pet ownership involves ensuring our feline friends maintain a healthy weight to lead a fulfilling and active life. Consulting with a veterinarian for proper dietary guidelines and exercise routines is crucial in managing a fat cat’s weight and overall well-being.

Navigating the Care of FatCats

Caring for a fat cat involves a delicate balance of proper nutrition, exercise, and affection. Feeding them a well-balanced diet formulated for weight management is essential. Controlled portions and scheduled feeding times help prevent overeating. Additionally, engaging them in playful activities or interactive toys can encourage physical movement and mental stimulation, aiding in weight management while strengthening the bond between pet and owner.

Challenges and Triumphs

Helping a fat cat lose weight might pose challenges, especially if they’re accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle and overeating. However, with patience, dedication, and love, gradual progress can be achieved. Implementing small changes in their routine, such as introducing healthier food choices or gradually increasing exercise, can make a significant difference over time. Celebrating each milestone achieved on the weight loss journey reinforces positive behavior and motivates both the cat and the owner.

Embracing the Joy of FatCats

Despite the concerns surrounding their health, fatcats bring immense joy and comfort to their households. Their affectionate nature, playful antics, and unwavering companionship make them cherished members of the family. Their extra cuddliness provides warmth and solace during challenging times, creating an irreplaceable bond that transcends their physical appearance.

Community Support and Awareness

Raising awareness about the importance of feline health, particularly regarding obesity in cats, is crucial. Supportive communities and online forums provide a platform for sharing experiences, seeking advice, and offering encouragement to fellow pet owners navigating similar challenges. This collective effort fosters a supportive environment and helps in promoting healthier lifestyles for our beloved feline companions.

The Road to a Healthy Future

The journey towards helping a fat cat achieve a healthier weight is a commitment that requires dedication and consistency. Regular check-ups with a veterinarian, tailored nutrition plans, and incorporating physical activities into their daily routine are pivotal. With the right guidance and care, fatcats can embark on a path towards improved health, enhancing their quality of life and ensuring they continue to grace our homes with their presence for years to come.


Fatcats may possess an irresistible charm and endearing qualities, but their well-being remains a priority. Understanding the implications of obesity in cats, coupled with proactive measures in their care, is essential in ensuring their health and happiness. While their plump appearance may garner attention, it’s their loving demeanor and unique personalities that truly make them cherished companions in our lives. As responsible pet owners, let’s continue to prioritize the health and wellness of our fat feline friends, celebrating their quirks and showering them with the care and affection they deserve.

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Petsmart Cat Beds



Petsmart Cat Beds

PetSmart offers an array of pet beds to choose from. There are many options for both large and small pets, so you can rest assured that your pet will be happy with their new bed.

Kitty City Folding Cube Cat Bed

Finding the right bed for your cat can be tough. It’s important to make sure your pet will be comfortable while he or she sleeps. You also need to make sure the bed fits in your home.

Some people choose to buy a bed that will blend with their furniture. Another option is to find a product that has a specific design that will appeal to your cat. There are many choices of beds, but they vary in price and size.

For instance, you can spend as little as a few dollars on a single bed, or as much as hundreds on another. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative, the Kitty City Folding Cube Cat Bed may be perfect for you.

This fold-up cat bed doubles as a den and a perch. The soft top and base cushion can be removed for easy cleaning.

Armarkat Sky Blue & Ivory Luxe Velvet Cuddler Pet Bed

If you are on the market for a new cat bed, the Armarkat Sky Blue & Ivory Luxe Velvet Cuddler Pet Bed is one of the best on the market. This bed boasts a soft velvet exterior and extra-thick polyfill for a nice plush feel. It is also machine washable and comes with a non-skid base. The best part is that it is sold at a reasonable price!

Among the features of the Armarkat Sky Blue & Ivory velvet cuddler pet bed are its artistic floral pattern and extra-thick, 100% polyfill. You will also find a machine-washable pillow. In addition to the fancy shaped pillow, the Sky Blue & Ivory velvet Cuddler Pet Bed is designed with a non-skid base to prevent your pet from sliding around.

Another great feature of the Armarkat Sky Blue & ivory velvet cuddler bed is the reversible outer covering. This is something you can’t find with most of the other cat beds on the market.

Whisker City Gray Braided Basket Cat Bed

The Whisker City Gray Braided Basket Cat Bed is a functional cat bed that promotes optimal relaxation and sleep. It comes with a plush cushion and a removable mat. And the best part is, it is machine washable.

Besides being a nice looking piece of furniture, it’s also reasonably priced. This pet bed comes with a one-year warranty, so you’re not out of pocket if something goes wrong. But remember, not all cat beds are made equal. Make sure you read the instructions before putting your feline to bed.

A cat bed is a great way to make your cat feel more secure while still allowing him or her to enjoy the comforts of home. There are a few choices out there, but this particular one is a good ol’ fashioned wicker basket with a padded insert.

Ovoo Cat Bed by Instachew

Petsmart Ovoo Cat Bed by Instachew is designed to give your pet a comfortable night’s sleep. This bed is made to be durable and easily cleaned. It is suitable for small to medium pets.

The Ovoo cat bed by Instachew features a mid-century modern design, making it a beautiful addition to your home. It’s easy to set up and is comfortable for cats and dogs.

The internal thermostat warms the bed to about 10 to 15 degrees above room temperature. However, some reviews noted that the heating pad wasn’t as warm as they would have liked. There was also some complaints about the pillow quality.

Some cats may find it difficult to get in and out of the bed. Those with senior cats or large cats might have trouble.

Best Friends by Sheri Meow Hut Covered Cat Bed

The Best Friends by Sheri Meow Hut covered cat bed is not a cheapo. In fact, its quality and functionality are a cut above the competition. It is the trifecta of pet products, all rolled into one. One of the many perks is a choice of which pooches get their own special treatment. Not to mention the swag bag of toys to boot. If you’re looking for a low key alternative to the big dogs, this one is your ticket. The name of the company is not all that intriguing, but the quality of their products certainly is. A few tidbits about the firm can be found in their online FAQs. They also have a Facebook page if you’re feeling extra social. After all, who wants to be left out of the loop?


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Buying a Whisker City Water Fountain



Buying a Whisker City Water Fountain

If you are looking to buy a new water fountain for your house, you will find a wide variety of choices. Some of them are catit, pineapple, and Zeus H2EAU drinking fountains.

Replacement filters prolong the life of your pet’s water fountain

If you have a water fountain for your pets, you should consider getting a replacement filter. Some come in packs while others are sold separately. Buying a filter is not always an easy decision. You need to take into account the cost, the type of filter and how frequently you want to replace the device. Having a water fountain filter in your home can make you and your family feel safer. It also saves you from the hassle of constantly buying bottled water.

The best way to determine which of these options is right for you is to consider your pets and your pocketbook. A savvy pet owner will look for a replacement filter that offers the best value. Also, a water fountain with a top notch filter should be easy to maintain and clean. This is especially true if your cat or dog has a tendency to drink from the faucet. Having a top notch filter will ensure your pet is drinking the purest of water.

Pineapple Cat Water Fountain

If you are looking for a new cat water fountain for your cat, you have a lot of options. Some are pricier, others more durable, and still others are inexpensive. However, it’s important to find one that suits your needs and your budget. You will also want to consider a few features before you make your final decision.

The first feature you should look for in a cat water fountain is a strong construction. These are usually made from robust materials, such as stainless steel. They are less likely to collect bacteria and other contaminants. Also, they are easy to clean and break down.

Some water fountains have a filtration system that removes odors and other contaminants from the water. Most of these recommend changing the filter every two to four weeks. However, some models, such as the Petlibro Capsule Automatic Pet Water Fountain, have an energy management system that allows the filters to last longer.

The Petlibro Fountain is an automatic fountain that features noise-insulated tubing. The water is pumped into the drinking basin, then flows through a filter tray. This is an easy and convenient way to give your cat fresh water.

Catit Fountain

If your cat is picky about drinking, he may be happy to get his daily drink from a Catit fountain. It offers fresh, pure water in three different flow rates.

This water dispenser is a popular choice among cat guardians. It is easy to assemble and maintain. The filter is designed to clean out dirt, hair, and debris.

Water flowing through the reservoir also helps your cat to avoid urinary tract disease. Proper hydration promotes saliva production, which aids in digestion.

The water level indicator lights up when it is time to change the water. The pump also creates a gentle, soothing stream that encourages your cat to drink.

Some models feature a “dish” surface that allows your cat to play in the water. However, playing in the water can make messes.

Aside from the stainless steel top and the vertical filtration system, the Catit fountain uses plastic parts. While BPA-free plastics are less hygienic than stainless steel, you can wash the fountain’s plastic parts in your dishwasher.


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