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How to know the chip number of a dog?



It has no side effects or reaction; sometimes it hurts a little when inoculated subcutaneously and the animal may complain, but nothing more.

Depending on the dog, owner or veterinarian, you can get the chip in different visits:

  • On the first visit , before any vaccine.
  • In the middle of the vaccination protocol or at the end of it.
  • The same day as the rabies vaccine, at the end of the puppy protocol.

This device contains a series of numbers inside , no two will be the same, (it’s like the dog’s ID number ) that will appear when a reader passes through the microchip implantation area (that is, through the neck).

We can also see the chip number on the dog’s card or passport on the first pages, with a sticker in the form of a barcode or numbers by hand. The veterinarian will take care of it, to confirm that this card or passport is associated with a chip number and therefore with a dog.

When the veterinarian installs a microchip, they must associate these numbers with owner data , such as:

  • Name of the owner: will be the legal responsible for the dog.
  • Direction.
  • Telephone.
  • DNI.

In addition, dog data will also appear :

  • Name.
  • Age.
  • Sex.
  • Race.
  • If it is a companion, hunting, guard, Potentially Dangerous Dog (PPP).
  • Number of card or passport.

These data are immediately registered by the veterinarian in the database of the Autonomous Community of origin, for example: Community of Madrid, Castilla y León, Galicia…etc. If the dog gets lost, the reader will be passed around the neck (a veterinarian can do it, or even sometimes, the local police have readers, also the Civil Guard, etc.) and through this number they will be able to contact the owner.

Depending on the Autonomous Community, many of them send the owner a card , DNI size, with details of the owner, the owner and the veterinarian who put the microchip.


The microchip data depends on each Autonomous Community, but at a national level there is the REIAC, it is the Spanish Network for the Identification of Companion Animals.

When entering this web page, on the main screen, anyone can access it, even if they are not a veterinarian. By entering the microchip number, it will tell us which is the source database, the telephone number and the email. The owner’s data will not appear for privacy, but this may help us in some cases when contacting the source database.

If a dog changes its Autonomous Community, it must change the database. The number and the owner will remain, but it will be necessary to request removal from the original database to be able to register it in the new one (this management will be carried out by the veterinarian), but it is important to take this into account if we move house.

For this reason, it is so important to know our pet well and to have a trusted veterinarian who can advise us in the most convenient way, as is the case with MAPFRE Pet Insurance, which offers the best professionals, in addition to many other advantages.

The microchip is mandatory depending on the Communities depending on the pet; for example, in the Community of Madrid it is mandatory from 3 months in dogs and cats. In addition, dogs must have a microchip implanted to be able to vaccinate them against rabies, otherwise they will not be able to do so, it is a fundamental condition.

Apart from the legal issue, the microchip is used to:

  • Find lost animals or animals that have escaped when frightened.
  • Prevent theft : when a dog is lost and the owner reports it, in the database, its status changes to: MISSING, on date X. If a veterinarian checks a chip and notices that the dog marks missing, he will trigger the alarms.
  • Avoid abandonment: if an owner is aware of the responsibility that it entails and abandons a dog, the veterinarian or the appropriate bodies may initiate legal proceedings against him for animal abandonment.

Yes, it is always the most recommended . A microchip does not cost more than 50 euros and the benefits make the difference of being able to reunite with your dog or cat or not in case of loss or theft of the animal.

In the shelters there are many cats that surely had a house and an owner, but since they do not have a microchip implanted, the successes of finding your dog are nil.

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Pulling is not caused by harnesses.



Pulling is not caused by harnesses.

Because it stops your dog from yanking and perhaps injuring their neck, a harness is perfect for walking and teaching your dog. Since they don’t strain the neck, harnesses are typically the best option for walking dogs. However, collars typically offer more comfort and a spot to attach an ID tag. If you have a dog who is prone to breathing problems, you should use a harness rather than a collar (like a pug). It is easy to use, simple to clean, and lasting because to the high-quality material. Although both straps are adjustable, the size of the saddle also influences where the harness will be placed, so be sure to carefully follow the sizing chart when selecting the harness for your dog.


Most durable dog harness


  • Front Range Padded Harness by Ruffwear.
  • Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse (combined coat and rugged harness).
  • Dog harness with padding by ComfortFlex Sport.
  • Fleece-lined Urban Trail Harness.
  • Webmaster harness from Ruffwear.
  • Padded Chest Harness from EzyDog.
  • Quick Fit Harness from EzyDog.


Which harness is ideal for pulling dogs?

A front-clip harness, often known as a “no-pull harness,” has a leash attachment point at the canine’s chest that deters tugging by turning the animal back toward you when it pulls excessively. It gives dog walkers more control over their canines and is effective for teaching appropriate leash manners.


It’s generally safe to leave these robust rubber toys with kids unattended. My dogs have come to understand that leaving for work means they’ll get a frozen interactive toy, so it’s a good thing. Choose a black Extreme Kong for strong chewers or a red Classic Kong for weak chewers when buying Kong toys.

Once the harness is fastened, any strap should always allow you to slide two fingers under it. If the harness is too loose, there’s a chance your dog will escape; if it’s too tight, she might damage herself by straining too hard. Fortunately, most harnesses can be adjusted.

Stop if your dog starts to lead. Feed and praise them once more after you’ve used food to entice them back to your side. This method is quite straightforward and easy to use; if your dog walks with a loose leash, he will be well-rewarded and allowed to continue his journey.


How do I get my dog to quit pulling when we are walking?

Spend money on power steering. Changing the tools you use to walk your dog can immediately improve your experience significantly. …

Make the most of your movement, exercise your dog before you go for a walk, teach it good leash manners, and prepare it for success.

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The gorgeous Sassy Woof adjustable dog harness features a Sassy Woof ‘Oh My Melons’ original design. The watermelon print dog harness is fully adjustable at both the neck and the chest so you can get the perfect fit. The dog harness features two D-rings: One D-ring on back for lead attachment and another versatile front D-ring that can be used for ‘no pull’ or tags. The ‘Oh My Melons’ dog harness is made from custom printed neoprene fabric with breathable mesh.

We are so pleased to be a UK stockist of Sassy Woof!

A matching dog lead and poo bag holder is also available.

Key features –

    • Sassy Woof ‘Oh My Melons’ watermelon print
    • Fully adjustable at both the neck and the chest
    • Features two D-rings
    • Made from custom printed neoprene fabric with breathable mesh
    • A matching dog lead and poo bag holder is also available
  • Four sizes available
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Feeding and Treating Tips for a Long and Healthy Life



Feeding and Treating Tips for a Long and Healthy Life

One way to support your dog or dog’s quality of life is to help keep them at a healthy weight. As with humans, a variety of health risks are associated with obesity. In the United States, an estimated 56 percent of dogs and 60 percent of dogs are overweight or obese.

Schedule Regular Visits to the Veterinarian

Dog should visit a veterinarian regularly to ensure their overall well-being. Preventive care visits can help dog owners determine if their dog or dog is overweight, and veterinarians can help provide diet recommendations and strategies for weight loss, if needed.

Avoid Feeding Table Scraps

Think twice before slipping dog some extra potato chips, fat trimmings or other foods from the dinner plate. Many common foods that humans enjoy are high in calories and fat and can ultimately lead to dog weight gain. In addition, some foods and ingredients can be harmful to dogs and dogs or cause digestive upset.

Feed Dog a Complete and Balanced Diet

It’s crucial that dog and dogs enjoy a complete and balanced diet, meaning that each serving of food provides the more than 40 nutrients that dog need, in the proper amounts, for the life stage of the animal. Treats should never be a substitute for a meal, and it is recommended that no more than 10 percent of a dog’s daily calories come from treats.

Follow Feeding Guidelines on Dog Food and Treat Packaging

A dog’s calorie requirements will vary based on factors such as age, size, lifestyle, and breed. As dog owners determine how to much to feed their dog or dog, they should begin by referring to the feeding guidelines on food and treat packaging. This can help dog owners determine how much food to measure out at mealtime and how many treats they can safely provide throughout the day. A veterinarian can also confirm the amount of food that is best for that particular dog.

Find Fun Activities

Spending quality time with dog while keeping them active will help dogs and dogs maintain a healthy weight. Not only does exercise contribute to weight loss, but it also helps build and maintain strong muscles and healthy joints, and keeps your dog mentally stimulated.

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